Monday, June 28, 2010

Cobalt bejeweled dress

H&M Cobalt bejeweled dress - Brand new with tag and extra bag of rhinestones.
A dress that I bought a while ago at H&M..ignoring the fact that its rather pricy for H&M..I bought it anyway..and somehow forgotten I won't fit!!! how sad..
such beauty must be passed on to someone else!
Size 4
bejeweled waistband measures: a true 24"
with invisible side zipper and matching color lining
Chiffon-like texture in gorgeous cobalt. Perfect for a night out or special occasions!

Selling for $20 $10 USD
$5 to ship within USA
$10 to ship international

Total cost


  1. I recently moved to my new blog I just want to thank you for the kind comments you've posted to my old blog, I hope you'll subscribe to my new blog, xo miki of chicstylista

  2. Hi my lovely! I can no longer read/see your blog?! Come back! xx

  3. Just stopping by to say hello!!! I hope you're doing well. You've been missed.